International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques - ICATT


The ICATT conference aims at providing the space community with a forum of sustained co-operation in the area of astrodynamics tools and techniques. Participants are invited to showcase their latest tools and techniques so as to promote the creation and exchange of ideas and the identification of future trends and required developments. Demonstrations and short tutorials are encouraged.

From ascent to interplanetary flight and entry, all mission arcs are covered and represented. All techniques are analyzed and exposed: trajectory design, optimization, safety, environment models, orbit determination, validation, visualization,...

The conference is issued about every three years. The first edition took place in July 2001.

The ICATT Conference is a unique forum of exchange reflecting the state-of-the-art in astrodynamics research and technology. Space agencies, industries, universities and research institutes will present their latest tools, discuss their best techniques, and participate altogether to the overall development of astrodynamics. After its first successes, ICATT is now moving to more international borders, targeting all users, professionals, amateurs or students, and addressing the key technical and technological challenges of today and tomorrow.

ICATT Conference Objectives and Scope