3rd International Workshop on Astrodynamics tools and Techniques: Presentation Material

The following presentation material are available for download:

Opening Speech by A. Benoit

Workshop Introduction by G. Ortega

Senior Lectures on Trajectory Optimization:

•    “Optimal Lunar Swingby Transfers”, by Prof. Dr. Betts from the Boeing Corporation in USA. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.
•    “Developing a new quasi-Newton SQP code for Nonlinear Programming” by Prof. Dr. Fletcher from University of Dundee in UK. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.
•    “Real-Time On-Board Trajectory Optimization for Upcoming Missions” by Prof. Dr. Well from the Flight Mechanics Institute of the Stuttgart University in Germany. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.
•    “Global Trajectory Optimization Tools for the 21st Century” by Prof. Dr. Bello from Deimos Space in Spain. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.
•    "Optimization techniques for space trajectories: impulsive and  continuous manoeuvres" by Prof. Dr. R. Epenoy from CNES, Toulouse, France. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.
•    “Practical problem solving on fast trajectory optimization” by Prof. Dr. Wiegand from the Flight Mechanics Institute of the Stuttgart University in Germany. Download the PodCast in MP3 format.

Plenary Sessions:

ASTRIUM Space Transportation Astrodynamics tools overview session” By T. Jean-Marius from ASTRIUM ST

ASTRIUM Astrodynamics tools overview session’’ By S. Kemble from ASTRIUM

GMV Astrodynamics tools overview session” By M. Graziano from GMV S.A.

“Deimos Space Astrodynamics tools overview session” By A. Caramagno from Deimos Space

“Complex mission design, optimisation and characterisation using COTS tools” By E. Fletcher from Analytical Graphics

Global Optimisation of Interplanetary Trajectories: the Advanced Concepts Team activities and results” By D. Izzo from ESTEC

Dutch Space generic mission analysis tools” By A. v. Swieten from Dutch Space

Generic all purpose ASTRIUM Space Transportation reference trajectory optimisation tools: MAXTOM-OSCAR (A5, M51, VEGA, ARD, advanced projects…)” By N. Delattre from ASTRIUM ST

ATPE, A Simulation Tool for Onboard GNC Development and Validation” By E. Ferreira from ASTRIUM ST

Celestia and it status” By C. Laurel from Celestia team

Real-Time Satellite Tracking and Orbit Prediction using GPREDICT” By A. Csete from Rovsing A/S

UNINOVA Astrodynamics tools” By R. Almeida from UNINOVA

DITAN: A Tool for Optimal Space Trajectory Design” By M. Vassile from Glasgow University

A Scilab Computing Environment and Several Techniques for the Determination of Near-Libration-Points Trajectory” By B.  Meyssignac from CNES

Preliminary Mission Design Methods” By S.  Kemble from EADS Astrium

Scilab use in the astrodynamics domain” By D. Halgand from INRIA

GEOEXPRESS: GMV tool for very low-thrust mission design” By J. Gil-Fernandez from GMV

Interplanetary Path Early Design tools at ASTRIUM Space Transportation” By N. Delattre from ASTRIUM ST

Evolutionary tools for interplanetary flight optimization” By R. Noomen from Delft University of Technology

Periodic orbits high above the ecliptic plane in the solar sail 3-body problem”  By T. Waters from University of Strathclyde

GOAL: Multidisciplinary design tool for expandable  launcher” By N. Delattre from ASTRIUM ST

MITRADES: Interactive Trajectory Design with MATLAB” By C.Corral van Damme by GMV

STELLARIUM: a desktop planetarium” By J. Gajdosik

JSYNOPTIC use in astrodynamics” By N. Brodu from Concordia University, Montreal (via video-conference). Download the demo as well.

Spacecraft Simulation and Visualisation with Orbiter 2006” By M. Schweiger

Guided Hypersonic Reentry and TAEM Analysis Tools” By E. Ferreira from ASTRIUM ST

Low Thrust Minimum-Fuel Orbital Transfer: A Homotopic Approach” By J.  Gergaud from ENSEEIHT-IRIT

ASTOS v6 - a major step to efficient trajectory simulation and optimization: the AeroSpace Trajectory Optimization Software” By A. Wiegand from ASTOS Solutions

focusUES: A Tool for the Design of Ballistic Atmospheric Entry Trajectories” By C. Corral van Damme from GMV

A trajectory-modelling tool for multi-phase descent” By D. Dungate from Analyticon Ltd.

VBNAT: a European platform for Descent & Landing Simulation and  GNC prototyping” By Guillaume Bodineau and Xavier Sembely from ASTRIUM

DATO (Descent & Ascent Trajectory Optimisation):  A tool for quick evaluations of descent and ascent trajectories” By D. Starnone from JAQAR Space Engineering

Low Thrust Missions Guidance & Navigation: the Smart 1 OBAN experiment results & perspectives” By Bernard Polle from ASTRIUM

Deimos Planetary entry toolbox for 6 DoF Atmospheric Ballistic and Guided Re-Entry Simulation” By A. Caramagno from Deimos Space

Multidisciplinary Analysis Tools for Orbit and Re-entry Analysis” By G.  Koppenwallner from HTG, Hypersonic Technology Göttingen

SIMU-LANDER : Hazard avoidance, Guidance, Navigation (vision, radar or Lidar) and Control simulation tool for interplanetary descent and landing” By T. Jean-Marius from ASTRIUM ST

PANGU as an image generation scene for astrodynamics computations” By M. Dunstan from Dundee University

Algorithms and Techniques for Low-Thrust Trajectory Design” By J. Gil-Fernandez from GMV

GIOVE-A graveyard orbit selection and strategy” By K. Siliverdis from  Analyticon Ltd.

CODES: Comet/asteroid Orbit Determination and Ephemeris Software” By J. Baer (presentation given via video-conference)

Minimum-time problem resolution under constraints for low-thrust stage trajectory computation” By N. Delattre from ASTRIUM ST

Galileo Station Keeping Strategy” By D. Navarro-Reyes from ESA/ESTEC

Scenario Builder – a missing tool for efficient mission analysis and concurrent design” By S. Weikert from ASTOS Solutions

MATOOL: GMV’s tool for Modeling and Assessment of Station Keeping and Collocation Strategies” By A. Perez-Cambriles from GMV

ASCENTIS: Planetary Ascent Vehicle Functional Engineering Simulator Tool” By E. Ferreira from ASTRIUM ST

The LVST launchers analysis tool and its use at ESA” By A. Blasco from ESTEC

GELO: Generic Launch Optimisation Software” By C. Morris from SciSys Ltd

High Performance Simulation of Attitude and Translation Dynamics” By I.  Pelivan from the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, ZARM, University of Bremen

Deimos Space Earth Observation mission based on Agile platforms” By A. Caramagno from Deimos Space

A tool for optimisation of formation designs in a non-linear environment” By A. Povoleri from EADS Astrium

Deimos Formation Flying in planetary and interplanetary orbits” By A. Caramagno from Deimos Space

GMV Solution for Satellite Constellation Operations (focusCn) ” By A.  Perez-Cambriles from GMV

Simulation and analysis of docking maneuvers in GEO for ConeXpress” By S.  Erb from Kayser Threde

LAREDO: Extension of a RvD tool for Lissajous scenarios” By D. Modrego from GMV SA

Toolbox for optimisation of phasing manoeuvres, far and close rendez-vous flight” By N. Delattre from ASTRIUM ST

Planck AOCS special modules: Sloshing, Thrusting profiles, Mass evolution, Fuel migration” By D. Zorita from SENER

Low thrust trajectory optimization with ASTOS” By A. Wiegand from ASTOS Solutions GmbH

Astrodynamics tools and techniques for Observation of the Earth” By B. Duesmann from ESTEC

GNC/AOCS development system for Rendez-vous and Docking Missions at Sener, and associated test facilities” By D. Zorita from SENER

Last update 11th Oct. 2006